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Kerala, one of the most famous tourist destination in India has activities to offer for tourists and travellers of all ages and kinds. From relaxing sunset on the coastal belt to adrenaline rushing Tiger Safari. From dances, music, cuisine and textile to boat-races and martial art.

Thekkady located on the border of Kerala and Tamilnadu is rich in biodiversity is a heaven for all the nature lovers and usually added as an extension to trips to Munnar or Alappuzha. But, for nature lovers and experience seekers, Thekkady has a lot to offer.

Periyar Tiger Reserve, one of the finest and rich in bio-diversity reserve is a spectacle to the visitor. Located amidst hills and dense forests one get to experience a variety of flora and fauna, most of which are already on the verge of extensions.  The reserve is mostly preferred by tourists for boating in Periyar Lake. The forest department run ferries take you on a cruise of the lake where you can spot animals like Sambhar deer, wild bison, fox and elephants, but it depends on the mood of the animal to see humans. Some have even spotted a minimum of 20 elephants and some spot none. It is really a matter of chance.

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If you are a game! Go for guided activities like Nature walk, Border walk or Jeep Safaris to experience the beauty of Jungle. This trek is recommended only for the experienced trekkers as it includes a high level of walking in the jungles, where, chances of encounters with animals cannot be ignored. Although the walk is guided by trained professionals and all kinds of safety measures are considered, yet we recommend to be prepared physically and mentally. For the beginners, the forest department has a self-guided Pugmark trail of 1 hr., the trail is easy and one has to follow the signboards installed by the Periyar Foundation. The trail also has installed information boards about the species of flora and fauna of the Periyar Tiger Reserve.

Although the reserve is famous as home to Tiger, a mere visitor rarely gets a sight of the Lord of the Jungle but many claims to have seen the pugmark. If you are keen on seeing one, we recommend taking a Tiger Trail offered by the Periyar Foundation.

The foundation also offers packages of Jungle adventures for you to choose depending on the no of days and difficulty levels. If you wish, you can also join the night patrol team along with the trained scouts and do your bit to safeguard the rich natural treasure.

read More about Periyar Tiger Reserve here:  http://www.periyartigerreserve.org

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Thekkady also being the queen of the spice hills in India has a number of spice plantations that shall add as a perfect ingredient to your holiday. May we suggest you take a tour that will help you learn more about the spices- it’s properties, environment, growing process, uses and also the history. We bet you’ll love to learn while you take a walk in some of the best spice plantations and smell the real organic spices. The process of obtaining the spice from the tree and making it ready for exporting is something you should not miss.

Read what you can do on your spice plantation trail here: 

Most of the nature activities in Thekkady close by the sunset but we have sorted out your evening-

Kathakali and Kalaripayattu performance

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Groups of youngsters of Thekkady arrange performances of Kathakali and Kalaripayattu for the visitors to understand the folk culture of Kerala. Tickets for 1 hr. performance of each art costs around 200/-

The Performance begins with an invocation of the Lord, praying respect to the instruments and welcoming the guests. The narrator will educate the crowd about the art and its basics and visual performance will be presented. In case of Kathakali, the performers begin from the simple Abhinaya of mudra and different ‘bhava’ or expressions followed by enacting scenes from Epics or Purana. The coordination of their expressions with music is a spectacle.

Kalaripayattu, an ancient martial art of Kerala begins with some basic exercises. Display of the combat skills using swords and wheels of fire is a breath-taking experience that you must not miss when in Kerala.

Tribal Heritage

Tribal youngsters of Mannan and Paliyan tribes of the nearby settlements perform their traditional dance for visitors. The stage has a beautiful setup of a tribal village, the performers wear the typical tribal attire and narrate the daily lifestyle of these tribes through music and dance. Scenes of venerating the nature gods and Meenakshi Amman of Madurai, hunting, harvest and celebrations are enacted. Add this to your itinerary to support these youngsters carry on their legacy with pride.


Thekkady is famous for shopping spices, wooden articles,  handmade soaps and chocolates as a souvenir.

we recommend spending more than two- three days in Thekkady to unleash the adventure seeker in you. We also recommend you to be alert and safe and pledge not to harm the environment during your stay

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