#WanderfirstContest : Game of Boats!

‘Boat ride’- A word that can take you on a long journey sailing through nostalgia! from the small paper boats sailing in the rainwater channels near your home to the coracle or small wooden boat rides that you took to reach a pilgrimage or the Shikara from Kashmir or a houseboat you cruised on in Alleppy, or the epic Titanic!

Since ancient times boats have been a significant part of Indian technology and culture! They have connected villages and empires or even have led wars against each other. They have put India on the world map of the trade! Some have been an inspiration for the famous travelogues, poems or the ballads.

In Kerala, river navigation is still an important part of the trade, commerce and the culture.  The small canoes that sail through the beautiful backwaters present to you a memorable experience. A boat ride through these calm waters is like a journey to realise your own self. The Kettuvallams or the houseboat cruises is another experience you must have at least once in your lifetime. Boats made of bamboos and other eco-friendly material accommodate travellers just like a comfortable hotel, while they sail. Talking about the boats of Kerala how can one forget the ‘Vallamkallis’ or the boat races? The boat races stand for the spirit of sportsmanship, strength and unity! It has got everything that represents traditional Kerala- captivating rhythm, traditional songs encouraging the participants, 100s of people rowing in unison to reach one goal. It is a kind of event that you must witness!

To celebrate the same spirit wanderfirst brings to you another contest: #GameOfBoats

Write about the best memory you have associated with Boats. Email it to us. Best ones will be featured on our Facebook page. The one with the maximum no of likes will win a special customised gift from us. 

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Contest Rules

  1. The write-up must be related to the given theme only.
  2. Only uploads emailed to us before 19th of July 2017 midnight in Indian Standard Time will be considered.
  3. The contest will remain open till 21st of July 2017 midnight in Indian Standard Time for likes.
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