10 tips to make your kid’s vacation extraordinary!


The best way to have an amazing summer vacation is to travel to a place you’ve never been before. A place that is so different from yours, yet your heart will love to call it a home! Because wherever you go, becomes a part of you somehow. and how exciting would it be to travel to such places with your child where they’ll experience the world different from their own?

Here are some tips to help you make your child’s vacation amusing and illuminating!

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1. Discuss the plans with your kids. – Show them the map, locate the places you are planning to visit. Make them read basics about the place. Show them few pictures (keep some for a surprise)! You’ll not only discover your kids’ interest but also help them be a good traveller.

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2. Let your kids add to the itinerary- based on their map reading let them add something if they wish. Every Child is unique! And so are their travel plans and Wanderfirst would love to bring them all into reality. check out here www.wanderfirst.comImage result for wanderfirst.com

3.Nurture the curious mind! – Visit museums, science centres, monuments and monasteries! Let them experience the world beyond textbooks, and may they ask questions.
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4.Behave like locals -Talk to local people. Let your kids say hello to locals kids of their age. Try the cuisine from a humble restaurant, for that will give you the best taste. Your kids too will develop interaction skills. Also, it will boost their confidence.

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5.Choose a place kids have read about in schools. Students learn better when they experience it themselves. We bet if they visit places they’ve read about in their history or language textbook, not only will they only love the tour but also develop interest studies.

Virupaksha Temple at Hampi

6.Visit places they have read about in novels. You may gift them Ruskin Bond collection before you leave for #UttarakhandImage result for ruskin bond books

7.Let the kids pack and carry their own bags. To get qualified as a great traveller one must master the art of packing. Also, they will share responsibilities.


8.Capturing memories! Allow your child to capture memories that are more than group pictures or selfies. Photography is a great way to express oneself. And every child is different. This is one of the best ways to understand their inclination better. image


9.Write Diaries, together! Write your experiences, itineraries, add your museum tickets, a photo collage and cherish it forever.


10. Most important of all, spend time with your child. Create memories to be cherished forever. Leave rest of worries on us! Do not forget these vacations are your bonding time and we, at wanderfirst would like you to make the most of it. While you explore and enjoy with your family, we will take care of your stay and travel. wanderfirst wishes you a happy vacation! create beautiful memories with your child, share them with us to get featured on our social media accounts.

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